Getting Started


Begin the registration process at a Rural Roots Children's Centre by following these easy steps:

  • Register your child(ren) for our wait list please visit to start the application process.
  • Rural Roots Children's Centre will make the initial contact when space is available for your child(ren) to come off the wait list.
  • Call the centre to schedule a tour. Spend time in the program with your child and meet the Executive Director to get answers to any questions you may have.
  • Home visits are strongly encouraged for all new children to the Toddler/Preschool programs. An educator will contact you to arrange a suitable time. A start date will be established.
  • Families may arrange to visit the centre several times prior to the start date.
  • For children with severe allergies, medical issues and special needs, action plans will be developed in partnership with the family before your child's start date.
  • Complete the registration package prior to your child's start date.

Arrival & Pick Up

Children depend on regular routines for their own sense of security; therefore it is recommended that families establish set drop off & pick up times. Please advise staff if your child will be picked up earlier or later than usual.
When you arrive, assist your child to remove outdoor clothing and footwear and put on indoor shoes. Also, notify staff that they have arrived and take the opportunity to share events and/or relevant information of your child's day.

When you pick up your child ensure that a staff member is aware that they are leaving so attendance is marked accordingly. Children will only be released to the individuals indicated on the registration package unless otherwise notified.

Professional Activity Days

Full day childcare is provided on Professional Activity (P. A.) Days. Please sign up in advance.

Inability to Adjust to Group Care

If a child demonstrates difficulty adjusting to a group situation and displays unhappiness by consistently breaking the limits, steps will be taken to ensure the safety of the child, other children, adults or the environment. The Executive Director in partnership with the family and Educators will work toward solutions to support every child in our programs. This may involve utilizing our Resource Consultant and outside agencies such as the Children's Centre Thunder Bay.

What to Bring 

Children may bring appropriate belongings from home. Please ensure that all items are clearly labeled. Toys that encourage aggressive and violent play such as war toys and guns are not permitted. We attempt to keep children's items and possessions safe, however, we are not responsible for lost or damaged items. 

Please bring: 


  • A pair of indoor shoes
  • 1 - 2 changes of indoor clothes
  • Appropriate seasonal outerwear (see below)
  • Diapers/wipes
  • Creams/lotions
  • A blanket/cuddly toy 

Kindergarten/School Age

  • A pair of indoor shoes
  • 1 change of indoor clothing.
  • Appropriate seasonal outerwear (see below)

Appropriate Seasonal Outerwear

  • Winter - Snowsuit, winter boots, 2 pairs of mittens, hat (without strings)
  • Spring/Fall - Lined jacket with hood or hat (without strings) splash pants, rubber boots
  • Summer - Sun hat, running shoe or closed toe sandal with heel strap.


All snacks and lunches are planned in accordance with the Canada's Food Guide and Qualiity Assurance Cooks Tool. A well balanced lunch, morning and afternoon snack are provided daily. Empasis is placed on providing attractive and nutritious meals in a home like setting. Children are encouraged to taste and try new foods. Meal times are considered a social experience where children and staff share meals together. Menus are posted on the information bulletin board and on the website.

Allergies & Anaphylaxis


A list of children's allergies is posted in food prepartion, eating and activity areas. If a child is on a special diet, a meeting between the family and food preparer is necessary prior to the child's first day to ensure that all dietary needs are met.

Anaphylaxis is a serious allergic reaction and can be life threatening. The allergy may be related to food, insect stings, medicine, latex, exercise etc. This policy is in place to help ensure that children/staff in our Centre are safe at all times. While it is impossible to create a risk-free environment, we take the important steps to minimize potentially fatal reactions.

  • The family will inform the Executive Director/Designate that their child is anaphylatic prior to the child starting.
  • Executive Director/Designate will meet with the family and go through necessary forms, training etc.
  • A photo and anaphylatic allergy information will be posted on the allergy list.
  • Detailed information and description of child's allergy will be kept on file in the office and in the program attendance binder.
  • Family will provide Rural Roots Children's Centre with 2 Epi-Pens prior to enrolment. Depending on the age of the child 1 Epi-Pen will be worn on the child. Other Epi-Pens will be in a labelled fanny pack and attached to the program attendance binder.
  • All staff are required to have Epi-Pen training upon employment and annually thereafter.

On special occasions when food is brought from home please connect with the Food Preparer to ensure products are safe and guidelines are adhered to.

Outdoor Play

As outlined in the Day Nursery Act, children in attendance for 6 hours or more are required to have at least 2 hours of outdoor time (weather permitting).  An outdoor planning web is posted in each program.  Activities are planned to enhance the child's creative, motor and social skills.  Staff inspect the playground and equipment daily for potential hazards.  Playgrounds are also inspected annually by Certified Playground Inspectors.

Centre Events

A variety of special events are planned throughout the year.  All families are welcomed to attend.  The goal of these special events is to provide families the opportunities to network with staff and other families from the centre.  Events may include Open House, Christmas Celebrations and June BBQ.

Field Trips

Local field trips are fun for the children and enhance their learning experience.  Throughout the year field trips will be planned for the children; parents/guardians are welcomed to volunteer.  Families will be asked to sign a consent form to allow their child attend.  All off site activities are adequately supervised.  Throughout the year staff will often take children on walks around our community to explore our beautiful natural environment.  Consent for these walks is requested on the registration package.

Photographs & Videotape

Regular photographs and videotaping of the children happen on a daily basis at all locations.  Pictures are posted in the programs and are displayed at special events.
At times photos and videos may be used for public viewing in local papers, television or community events.  Consent to use these photos or videos are requested on the registration package.

Rest/Quiet Time

As per the Day Nursery Act all children are required to engage in "quiet time". Children  are provided with a cot for rest time.  All sheets are laundered daily. Children are not required to sleep however they have an opportunity to rest and regenerate their bodies and have individual quiet time. Staff will help children feel comfortable and relaxed at rest time. The environment is softly lit, quiet and calming music is played in the background. If your child has a bottle, soother, blanket or stuffed toy that would provide some comfort during rest time we encourage you to bring the item from home.